scenic spot、tourist attractions、places of tourist attraction、 tourist spot、


for instance, if i was planning a trip and was researching hotels and tourist attractions at the same time, i could clip the hotel data into one book and store the touristy information in the other.

furthermore, my sightseeing schedule was unaffected by hotel check-in and check-out times; i could carry my little bag to museums and tourist sites, and stash it in a locker when need be.in the scenic spots, it is common that even the uneducated people can make a living simply by selling souvenirs, local specialties and so on, which relieves the pressure of local government.tourist attractions which pull in millions of foreign visitors.

travel a succession of beautiful scenery makes one feel delighted. a long stay in the same surroundings to make everything the same.


简单的是phoenix tree,原产中国,古记梧桐与凤凰息切相关,英译就用了这个名称

法国梧桐,就是路边常见的,是platanus orientalis l. ,或者plane tree,悬铃木



都可以french [frentʃ] adj. 法国的;法语的;法国人的n. 法语;法国人但没有 frenchman [‘frentʃmən] n. 法国人 ;法兰西人(尤指男人) 常用希望对你有帮助 如有疑问 请在线交谈 祝你考上理想的学校 o(∩_∩)o


french英文发音:[frentʃ]中文释义:n. 法国人;法语例句:he had intimated to the french and russians his readiness to come to a settlement.他已经向法国人和俄国人暗示他愿意达成协议。短语:1、french fries 法式炸薯条;炸土豆片2、french revolution 法国大革命3、old french 古法语4、french cuisine 法国菜扩展资料french的同根词:france英文发音:[ˈfrɑːns]中文释义:n.法兰西,法国例句:gray is thought to be in hiding near the france/ italy border他们认为格雷藏在法国和意大利边境附近。短语:1、france culture 法国文化2、petite france 小法兰西3、france overview 法国概况4、club france 留法学友俱乐部


法国 [fǎ guó]

france; french;


she’s our representative in france


法国英文缩写是fr,英语全称是french republic。



at austria 奥地利 欧洲

be belgium 比利时 欧洲

bg bulgaria 保加利亚 欧洲

ch switzerland 瑞士 欧洲

cz czech 捷克共和国 欧洲

de germany 德国 欧洲

dk denmark 丹麦 欧洲

ee estonia 爱沙尼亚 欧洲

es spain 西班牙 欧洲

fi finland 芬兰 欧洲

fr france 法国 欧洲

gb great britain 英国 欧洲

gr greece 希腊 欧洲

hr croatia 克罗地亚 欧洲

hu hungary 匈牙利 欧洲

ie ireland 爱尔兰 欧洲

it italy 意大利 欧洲

is iceland 冰岛 欧洲

lt lithuania 立陶宛 欧洲

lv latvia 拉托维亚 欧洲

mc monaco 摩纳哥 欧洲

md moldova 摩尔多瓦 欧洲

mt malta 马耳他 欧洲

nl netherlands 荷兰 欧洲

no norway 挪威 欧洲

pl poland 波兰 欧洲

pt portugal 葡萄牙 欧洲

ro romania 罗马尼亚 欧洲

ru russia 俄罗斯 欧洲

se sweden 瑞典 欧洲

sk slovakia 斯洛伐克 欧洲

sm san marino 圣马力诺 欧洲

ua ukraine 乌克兰 欧洲

uk united kingdom 英国 欧洲

va vatican city 梵蒂冈 欧洲

yu yugoslavia 南斯拉夫 欧洲


france is an western european country. its neiboring countries include belgium, spain, germany, etc. france is famous for the eifel tower in paris, the capital of france. france is also the world’s top producer in perfume and other fashionable beauty products. many travellers to paris value its art museums and historical sites the most.法国是一个西欧国家。它的邻国包括比利时、西班牙、德国等。法国以首都巴黎的埃菲尔铁塔著名。法国也是世界上顶端的香水和其他时尚化妆品的产地。许多到巴黎的旅游者最重视它的艺术博物馆和历史古迹。





france 是名词,是国家名,地名。

french 是形容词,表示“法国的,法国人的”,也可以作名词,表示“法语,法国人”。



  table manners france bogey seven

  many people eat at western, will worry "impolite." in fact, the so-called table manners is to enable the meal to meal without hindrance and destruction, and the smooth flow of useful code of conduct. bear in mind that "neat, clean and quiet," the three principles and to be no disadvantage.

  agreed to invite the other side of the post-interim, if something happens to be late or canceled appointments, to provide advance notice to the other side. later to attend the meeting when it is acceptable, but more than 15 minutes to the other side will not dating importance of the bad impression. in order to select their own when they want to eat food all over the menu to see if there is no idea, can you please recommend a restaurant waiter for signs of food, but to give clear that if the want to eat seafood, do not eat red such as meat, bear in mind that everything is indecisive, apart from saying "yes, but (not worth)" will only add to the guests the same trouble. to eat a lot of attention to details, but the fact is most of the day-to-day rituals, as long as remain calm and not big move, no sound or hinder other people's meals if already qualified.